Marigold Oleoresins

Oleoresins are true essence of spices with handling convenience.

Marigold Oleoresins

Oleoresin from the Golden Balls.
Extracts of Tagetes erecta L for Lutein yellow

Scfe Co2 Extract Marigold Oleoresins

Marigold Oleoresin is a dark brown viscous liquid extracted from marigold. Marigold has history dating back to Aztec times was considered a magical and religious flower. Even till date in present time, it is widely used to decorate houses and its garlands offered to gods in Indian culture. But Marigold offers effective medical properties as well. It contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal & antibacterial compounds as it is rich source of Xanthophyll called lutein.

Lutein is an oxycarotenoid present in Marigold extracted oleoresins and is an effective antioxidant. The smaller proportion of other constituents are zeaxanthin, fatty acids such as linoleic acid, oleinic acid, palmitic acid Lutein esters, tocopherol.

Lutein is a natural food colorant used in beverages, confectionery products, dairy products, cereals, eggs, sauces, desserts, processed fruits, frozen products. Marigold oleoresin is widely used in the pharma industry because of its medicinal attributes. Lutein is beneficial for treating AMD i.e Age-related Macular Degeneration & improving eye health as it neutralize free radicals. This yellow pigment is well known for its antioxidant; anti-cancer activities. It also has antiseptic properties and used in treatment of acnes and burns. It is used in animal feed particularly in poultry i.e for imparting color to the egg-yolks.

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Botanical Sources:

Extracts of Marigold or fruits of Tagetes erecta


Lutein is a natural food coloring agent for imparting yellow color hues.

Lutein has strong antioxidant properties.

It is very beneficial to eye health & AMD, protects skin from UV radiations.


Coloring Agent:

natural coloring agent for processed foods, confectionery, beverages, food supplements, dairy products, eggs, sauces & frozen foods, pharmaceutical products. 


used for improving eye health, antiseptic for treating burns & acnes, skin care & topical products, multi-vitamin medicinal formulations

Agro feed :

used in poultry feed to ensure a good coloration of egg yolks and broiler skin, fish feed products

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