Almond Oil

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Almond Oil

Co2 Almond Oils Supplier - Ozone Naturals

Ozone Naturals is one of the largest supplier of Almond Oil in India. In our sophisticated (SCFE) processing facilities, it is extracted from almond's nut to ensure its quality. Almond Oil has been known for its infinite number of health benefits including its famous skin and beauty benefits. The reason why almond oil is so good for health lies in its composition. Being a rich source of various vitamins and minerals, almond oil also contains protein, monounsaturated fats, potassium, zinc, and various other nutrients which make it an extensively great for health (heart, body, hairs, and skin).

Almond oil also has health benefits and also helps in preventing diabetes, reducing cholesterol in body. Almond Oil, a clear and pale yellow liquid oil, is the most suitable oil that is exceptionally health benefiting and possess high nourishing abilities. It has a large content of Vitamin E and proteins that removes a large number of diseases. Vitamins A,B and E are adequately present in this oil for moisturizing in the skin and also improving the absorption quality to make sure that the pores are not blocked.

It is being used as baby massage oil as it gets absorbed into the skin very easily and one of the least allergic oil. Almond oil is good for the heart too, as it contains oleic acid (a type of monounsaturated fatty acid), plus omega-9 fatty acid, studies have shown which helps maintain blood pressure, and increase good cholesterol levels in the body. So, including almond oil in daily lifestyle would only ensure your healthy living. We are a leading producer and supplier of almond oil in India. We deal in bulk quantity of almond oil. For best quotations on almond oil, contact us today.

Ozone Naturals are blessed with a green extraction, production method that is SCFE, large storage facility that helps us in keeping large stock and meeting urgent and massive requirements of the customers. With us, clients can stay assured for the quality of the products as we make use of the first class raw material that is, tested by well equipped quality control laboratory with experienced & knowable analyst on several measures prior to product manufacturing. Ozone Naturals offer world class quality water soluble almond oil as per customer demand.

Botanical Sources :

Prunus Dulcis


It is popular base oil in aromatherapy treatments.

Lubricates and moisturizes the skin and hence is used in cosmetic industry.

It provides relief from itching, soreness, dryness, inflammation.

A boon for all skin types and used extensively in skin care and hair care products.

Easy absorption makes it an excellent base for massage oils.

Preferred by Egyptians for cosmetic purposes.


Flavoring Agent : Used for flavoring agent in the bakery, ice cream, Biscuit cookies & other food pharm industries.

Preservative : Almond oil is rich in the Vitamin E use as preservative.

Therapeutic : Used in natural personal care products like Skin care, hair tonics, pain relief aromatherapy oils, cosmetics & Baby body massage oil

Nutritional : Good source of vitamin A, B, E, oleic acid & plus omega-9 fatty acid, used in traditional medicine & healing skin, Hair care also in baby care industries.

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