Nutmeg Oil

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Nutmeg Oil
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Oil from the Warming Spice.
Extracts of Myristica fragrans for aromatic essential oil & myristicin
Co2 Extract Pure Nutmeg Oil Manufacturer in India

Nutmeg Oil, a light yellow to reddish brown extracts of Nutmeg consists of Nutmeg butter & essential oil. The warming spice, once hailed as the preserve of affluent & wealthy in 17th centaury around, is popular for the depth of flavor it imparts to the food it is added. The intense spice with sweet & nutty flavor and distinctive fresh aroma has history of Spice Wars fought over it in past historical times & even its plant destruction to limits its availability. Nutmeg is highly valued for its flavoring, aromatic & medicinal properties.

The essential oil of nutmeg, also known as oil of myristica, contains myristicin, sabinene, terpenes, α or β pinene, safrole, cineole; constituents vary depending upon the source. The myristicin in nutmeg in higher dosage is considered as narcotic causing psychoactive effects & hallucinations. The butter of nutmeg contains both fixed oil & volatile oil and is high source of trimyristin & myristic acid. It also contains palmitic acid, lipids, fatty acids. Nutmeg butter finds it application as a substitute for cocoa butter. It is also used with other fats i.e cottonseed oil or palm oil, in pharmaceutical preparations, balms & lotions.

Nutmeg Oil is used in meat preparations, sausages, bakery products, confectionary items. Nutmeg is treated as classic & tempting flavor to use in mocktails, cocktails & liquors. In cosmetic industry, it is used for perfumery applications in soaps, toothpastes, perfumes. It is very prominently used in medicinal & pharma ingredient to treat range of illnesses from nervous to digestive ailments. An anti-inflammation & counter-irritant, it is used to treat rheumatism, joint & muscle pains, nausea.

Botanical Sources:

Extracts of Nutmeg or fruits of Myristica fragrans


Myristrin is considered as a brain tonic to fight against depression, anxiety, degenerative disease & treat Alzheimer’s.

Powerful & distinct flavor enhancer & aromatic agent

Helpful detoxifiers for liver & kidney


This product to be avoided in pregnancy & not be used more than permitted amount. It should be checked for usage in case of psychiatric illnesses as it known to cause hallucination & discomforts



strong & exotic flavorant for meat products, dairy based items, desserts, bakery, confectionary, beverages & liquors


use in perfumery, personal care & cosmetic products


antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgestic, psychoactive agent; used ingredient for medicinal preparations to treat rheumatism, neuralgic pains, cough syrups, skin care treatment, reduce insomania.


use to increase appetite, aids in digestion, detoxification, boost skin health

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