Cinnamon Oleoresins

Oleoresins are true essence of spices with handling convenience.

Cinnamon Oleoresins

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Oleoresin from the Delicious Spice.
Extracts of Cinnamomum verum for Cinnamaldehyde & essential oil
Supercritical Co2 Extracts Cinnamon Oleoresins Supplier

Cinnamon Oleoresin is a light yellow to red brown color liquid extract from the delicious & strongly aromatic spice with pleasantly sweet, warm & bitterish flavor, and contains volatile oil & fixed oil resins. The powerful spice is well used medicinally from thousands of years and continues still in time. One of the most expensive & highly treasured spice in past centuries, it has numerous tales of ancient time associated with it and exploration quests of Vasco da Gama & Columbus for its search. Cinnamon contains polyphenolic polymers and is in fact reported by researchers to be the best ingredient offering the highest antioxidant protective properties.

The main components in Cinnamon are the terpenoids i.e Cinnamaldehyde & eugenol, which are not only responsible for imparting the strong flavor but also strong anti-fungal & anti-allergenic properties. The other components,  basis the extraction varying from different parts of Cinnamon, can includes trans-cinnamaldehyde, procyanidins (α, β), catechins, cinnamyl acetate, L-borneol, caryophyllene oxide, b-caryophyllene, L-bornyl acetate, nerolidol, cubebene, terpineol, terpinolene, Bergamotene, Copaene. The sweet taste of cinnamon is due to the presence of cinnamaldehyde. 

Cinnamon oleoresin is majorly used in culinary applications, concentrated flavoring  for canned food, desserts, confectionery, beverages & liquors, seasoning & condiments, de-odorize  food, coloring agent in bakery & personal care products.  It is widely used as food preservative in meat processing, pickles, chutneys, ketchups as the phenols present in cinnamon inhibit bacteria growth and offers excellent preservative qualities.  It is also used in cosmetics preparations as it is effective ingredient for removing skin blemishes. Cinnamon is a very powerful antioxidant and known for regulating insulin action in diabetic treatments due to presence of methoxy hydroxy chalcone polymer which can control blood glucose level. It also has blood-thinning properties.

Botanical Sources:

Extracts of Cinnamon or fruits of Cinnamomum verum

Benefits :

It is an excellent natural preservative agent.

Cinnamon is known to help treat for neurological conditions i.e Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases

It helps in improvement of blood circulation due to its blood thinning properties.


Flavoring Agent :

Used in canned foods, curries, convenience foods, beverages & drinks, tobacco flavors, seasoning, savory, chewing gums & mouth fresheners 

Preservative agent :

In meat, sausages, chutneys, pickles, ketchups, ready to eat foods

Aromatic agent :

In culinary foods, beverages, perfumes, candles, diffuser oils, room fresheners, aromatherapy products

Coloring Agent :

In bakery items, in personal care products such as soaps, coloring masks, cosmetics

Therapeutic :

In medicinal & pharma preparations, cough tonics, insulin regulation products,  skin care products, allergy & infection treatment medicines, dental products

Nutritional :

Used for brain & memory tonics, detoxifying health products,  anti-depressant products, dietetic supplements

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