What are Oleoresins ?

Oleoresins are natural extracts of raw spices. These are semi-solid concentrates extracted and used for flavor, aroma, color. For more information, visit our Oils & Oleoresins page

What is SCFE ?

SCFE (Super Critical Fluid Extraction) is the t clean, green & safe technology for efficient extraction of Oleoresins from raw spices using supercritical fluids as the extracting solvent. In our process we use Co2, for more information please visit our Technology

I use raw spice for ensuring natural flavor and aroma in my food products. Oleoresins cannot substitute my natural spices.

Oleoresins are no artificial substitutes. Our Co2 extracted oleoresins are the true essence of raw spice, as good as your raw spice. Oleoresins offer an added ease of handling & storage and better shelf life.

But Oleoresins are processed forms; anything undergoing manufacturing looses natural touch.

Nopes this is exactly not the case with Co2 extracts. In our SCFE Co2 process, there is no use of ant solvent at all and thus no added agent to alter the profile and characteristic essence of spice. Co2 – the only media used for extraction is an odorless, tasteless, GRAS (Generally Regulated As Safe) listed.

Our Co2 extracted Oleoresins do not lose the natural touch of Spice but indeed keeps it intact.

I am a flavorist and looking for spice extract with high and back notes. Will your product offer solution for my flavor.

Yes. Our Oleoresins are extracted with Co2 technology. Co2 extractions are known by worldwide technologists to be the best technology for extracting and retaining even the high and back notes of flavor.

Oleoresins are generally oil soluble. I require water soluble.

We also offer water soluble Oleoresins. Please contact us for range available.

What kind of shipping size you provide.

We ship in all standard sizes as well customer demanded customized packing. Please contact us for the details.

What are the advantages of using Oleoresins over Raw Spices?

Oleoresins are true essence of raw spice which imparts flavor, color and aroma as true as natural raw spice. But it also offers an easy handling & storage options. Shelf life of Oleoresins is far better than raw spice. You can always get consistent flavor, aroma, and color with use of same quantity of Oleoresins.

I have requirement for the active ingredient & volatile oil separately for the spice

Yes, we provide customer specific extracted ingredients & volatile oil separately for the spice. Please contact us with your requirements.

Do you offer spice active compounds for Pharmaceutical applications.

Yes, we do provide Active compounds of spice for Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals applications

Are your products certified for Quality?

Yes, all our products are tested and certified for Quality.