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SCFE Co2 Technology

It is an amazing bond that we humans share with nature. But with increasing pace of life & technology, at most moments we feel our touch to nature is losing and our access to natural products is decreasing. Our urge for natural and pure products keeps growing and so the increasing demands evident in all varied industries be it food, health care, pharma, agro any. And this trend is significantly strong and important for Natural Ingredients. SCFE Co2 stands as the best solution to meets the requirements for natural products when it comes to field of spice ingredients.

SCFE (Super critical fluid extraction) Co2 is the latest green & novel technology in field of extraction. Contrast to traditional extraction process which uses various solvents, SCFE Co2 extraction process is free from use of any solvents. Co2 is itself is an inert, odorless and environment friendly media and listed as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) as it leaves no traces in the product. SCFE Co2 extracts are known to be truly natural essence as Co2 contributes to recover all essence bearing components and retains the back and high notes of flavor & aroma. No solvent used in Co2 extraction technology ensures the extracted oleoresin retains the true profile of spice. The characteristics of the extract are as good as natural spice.

SCFE Co2 not only contributes to suffice the consumer needs for natural safe products but also helps in maintaining sustainable and responsible way of manufacturing. The Co2 used is recyclable and is non toxic & environmental friendly.

Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE)

Super Process | Superior Product

  • Superior to conventional technologies of extraction
  • Natural extracts for Food and Pharmaceutical products
  • 100% safe for use in Human consumption products.
  • Preserves full profile of raw spice with freshness, aroma & characteristics as good as natural
  • No Residual Solvent and no added characteristics
  • Contamination free extracts
  • No loss of back notes, high-low notes crucial for flavor and aroma
  • No loss of heat sensitive flavoring and aromatic active compounds.
  • Better & long shelf life
  • No environmental hazard
  • Selective extraction as per customer demand
Super Critical Fluid Extraction (SCFE) Process