Cumin Oil

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Cumin Oil
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Cumin oil is a yellow greenish to brownish green extract from cumin seeds and a powerful flavourant with a tinge of complex spicy sweet tones. It is linked to originate from Mediterranean regions and is part of food history since ages. In India, country which is also one of its major producers, cumin is indispensible spice in the kitchen with its use in almost every prepared spicy foods, grinded masalas, pickles, curries etc. Superstition has it in Middle ages, cumin kept the chickens and lovers from wandering off. Cumin was considered omen for happy married life and it was thought happy life awaited the bride & groom who carried cumin throughout their wedding.

Major constituent & aromatic flavour of cumin is due to cuminaldehyde (4-isopropylbenzaldehyde) and monoterpenes. Other present components include terpinenes, p-cymine, limonene, myrcenem, phellandrene, cis and trans sabinene. The essential oil of cumin mainly consists of hydrocarbons, ketones, & aldehydes. Apart from the volatile oil, it also contains flavonoid glycosides. Cumin is well used a seasoning spice and staple ingredient in most of savory & curry preparations. It is widely used for flavour in confectionery, bakery, beverages, meat & sausages manufacturing, pickles.

Cumin is known to be stimulant, carminative & antimicrobial. It is used in traditional treatment medicine for jaundice, diarrhea, and digestive disorders. It also finds its application in veterinary medicine. Cumin is well known for its strong antimicrobial activity and such that in ancient Egypt, it was used to preserve mummies!!

Botanical Sources:

Extracts of Cumin or seeds of Cuminum cyminum L.


Cumin consumption helps in weight reduction.

It has very strong anti-microbial characteristics.

It is known to be very good source of iron and for treating Anemia


Flavoring Agent : Main ingredient for spice blends, seasoning mix, curry & savory flavors, bakery & confectionery products, beverages.

Preservative : Used in meat & sausage processing, pickles etc

Therapeutic : Used in treatment for stomach ailments, infections in nutraceutical & traditional medicine.

Nutritional : Finds application in herbal preparations & personal care products.

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