Fennel Oil

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Fennel Oil
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Fennel oil is the extract from seeds of fennel, an aromatic bitter sweet spice. It is popularly in used in India for preparation of tea to cure stomach ailments and a natural mouth freshener consumed commonly after meals. Fennel is one of the nine plants in Anglo-Saxan Nine Herbs Charm & Five-spice mix in China. In ancient history, it was marked to give strength and courage.

The flavour of fennel comes from presence of anethole, an aromatic component which is also found in star anise. Due to this its flavor is found similar and is often confused with star anise but the flavor of fennel is sweeter and more aromatic. The main constituents of common fennel include phellandrene, methyl chavicol, anethole, limonene, pinene, fenchone, fenchyl alcohol, anisaldehyde. Other present components may be estragole and fenchone. It also contains other nonvolatile constituents such as flavonoids phenolic compounds.

Fennel is a strong aromatic spice and is used as masking agent for odor in perfumery & disinfectant applications. It is used as an insect repellant. It is a potential source of natural antioxidant and contains anethole, which imparts fennel with good medicinal properties i.e anticancer, carminative, laxative, antimicrobial. It is used traditionally in alternate medicine to treat chills and digestive problems.

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Botanical Sources:

Fennel or the seeds of Foeniculum vulgare


Fennel is an excellent digestive aid. Its tea is used to cure for stomach aches.

It is a natural mouth freshener.

Fennel is known for being a powerful antioxidant


Flavoring Agent: used for flavoring savory, sauces, tobacco products, meat & fish preparations, pickles, cookies, spice blends.

Therapeutic: used for pain relief & aches in traditional medicine, cure inflammation, aromatherapy treatments, repellants.

Nutritional: excellent anti-oxidant properties, laxative, used in weight loss & alternative medicine, tea & food preparations.

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