Certified Organic Oils, Oleoresins and Essential Oils

Ozone Naturals is an organization that specialises in manufacturing and exporting a variety of organic products like, spices Oils, Oleoresins, & Essential Oils. People across the world have conclusively accepted the fact that organic produce is not just another fad or a marketing ploy.

The organic products offered by us are good for your health additionally they also happen to be a smart choice. Picking organic food products over the regular ones is an effective decision for personal as well as planetary health. Our organic products are totally void of toxic chemicals, rich in nutrition & sustainable in nature. With us, you will get access to a wide variety of organic products like Ajowain, Basil, Balck Pepper, Capsicum, Caraway, Cinnamon Leaf, Green Pepper, Fennel Seed, Ginger, Kalonji, Lavender, Lemon, Mint Extract, Moringa, Nutmeg, Fenugreek, Vanilla Thyme and a lot more.

We have in-house processing plant which is based in NH2 - Gadhpuri Road, Village Gadhpuri, Faridabad, Haryana. All the items on our product list are process adhering to the highest standards of quality control. Over the years we have obtained all the required certifications and registrations from the concerned global authorities.


NPOP & NOP Certified Products

EOS Certified Products

Ajwain Oil Garlic Oil Ajwain Oil Garlic oil
Almond Oil Ginger oil Almond Oil Ginger oil
Allspice Oil Ginger Oleoresin Allspice Oil Ginger Oleoresin
Allspice Oleoresin Green Pepper Oleoresin Allspice Oleoresin Jasmine flower oil
Anise Seed Oil Jojoba Oil Asafoetida Oil Jojoba Oil
Asafoetida Oil Jasmin Flower Oil Basil oil Kalonji / nigella Oil
Basil Oil Kalonji / nigella Oil Bayleaf oil Lavender Oil
Basil Oleoresin Lemon Oil Bayleaf Oleoresin Lemon grass oil
Bay Oil Lemon Grass Oil Black cardamom oil Mace oil / Oleoresin / Essential Oil
Bayleaf Oil Mace oil Black cardamom Oleoresin Mace Oleoresin
Bayleaf Oleoresin Mace Oleoresin Black Pepper oil Menthol crystal
Black Cardamom Oil Moringa Oil Black Pepper Oleoresin Mint Oil
Black Cardamom Oleoresin Mustard Seed Oil Capsicum Oleoresin Moringa Oil
Black Pepper Oil Mint Oil Caraway oil (Carum carvi) Mustard seed oil
Black Pepper Oleoresin Menthol crystal oil Cardamom Fruit oil Neem oil
Capsicum Oleoresin Neem Oil Cardamom Fruit Oleoresin Sesame Seed oil
Cardamom Fruit Oil Nutmeg oil Cardamom seed Oil Spearmint oil
Cardamom Fruit Oleoresin Onion Oil Cardamom seed Oleoresin Star anise oil
Caraway Oil Orange Oil carrot seed oil Star anise Oleoresin
Celery Seed Oil Oregano Peel oil Cassia oil Sunflower seed oil
Cardamom seed Oil Paprika oil Cassia Oleoresin Thyme Oil
Cardamom seed Oleoresin Paprika Oleoresin Castor oil Tulsi oil
Cassia oil Pomegranate seed Oil Celery seed Oil Tulsi Oleoresin
Cassia Oleoresin Peppermint Oil Cinnamon Bark oil Turmeric oil
Cinnamon Bark Oil Palmarosa oil Cinnamon Bark Oleoresin Turmeric Oleoresin
Cinnamon Bark Oleoresin Patchouli oil Citronella leaf oil Vanilla oil
Clove Bud oil Rose Oil Clary Sage oil Vanilla Oleoresin
Clove Bud Oleoresin Rosemary leaf oil Clove Bud oil Vetiver root Oil
Coriander Seed oil Rosemary leaf Oleoresin Clove leaf oil White Peppe Oil
Coriander Seed Oleoresin Saffron Oil Coriander Seed oil White Pepper Oleoresin
Cumin seed oil Star anise oil Coriander Seed Oleoresin  
Cumin seed Oleoresin Star anise Oleoresin Cumin seed oil  
Curry leaf oil Sesame Seed Oil Cumin seed Oleoresin  
Curry leaf Oleoresin Spearmint Oil Curcumin  
Carrot Seed Oil Sunflower seed Oil Curry leaf Oil  
Castor Oil Thyme oil Curry leaf oleoresin  
Clary Sage Oil Tulsi oil Dill Seed Oil  
Citronella leaf Oil Tulsi Oleoresin Eucalyptus Oil  
Clove Leaf Oil Turmeric oil Fennel Seed oil / oleoresin / Essential oil  
Curcumin Oil Turmeric Oleoresin Fennel Seed  
Dill Seed Oil Tea Tree Oil Fenugreek oil  
Eucalyptus Oil Vanilla oil Fenugreek Oleoresin  
Fennel Seed oil Vanilla Oleoresin Flax/Linseed Oil  
Fennel Seed Oleoresin Vetiver root oil Frankincense oil  
Fenugreek oil White Pepper oil    
Fenugreek Oleoresin White Pepper Oleoresin    
Flax/Linseed Oil      
Frankincense Oil      
Whole Spices      
Black Cardamom Nutmeg    
Black Pepper Rosemary    
Cinnamon Bark Saffron    
Clove Bud Star Anise    
Fennel Turmeric    
Green Dry Cardamom Vanilla Beans