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Botanical SCFE (CO2) Extracts for Nutraceuticals, Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry

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We are preferred CO2 extracted Natural Ingredients supplier for various industries.

Ozone Naturals

Natural products are demand of current era. Consumers are tending toward natural ingredients; even at micro level. This choosy nature is not limited to food & beverage industry but now also span to cosmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Today food and natural product industry is going hand in hand with research and development as new natural ingredients are being identified and used in industry. But with this competency comes challenges of making products and branding them for a successful commercialization.

We help the industry tackle these challenges with ease by providing them with high quality & stable SCFE (CO2) extracts & solvent free natural ingredients derived purely from natural produce. We understand that such high value Ingredients can be crucial for a products success like flavor, fragrance, beverage and bakery industry. Our processess and products are designed to be competent enough to meet the requirements of our customers.