Capsicum Oleoresin

  • Red Chilli (Capsicum Annum) is well known for its pungent and coloring effects. This is used in food and other eatables as a flavour and to color them. Capsicum oleoresin has `complete essence of its features like pungency and color.

    Chilli oleoresin is an oil soluble extract (Red chillies). It is composed of capsaicin, the main flavouring compound giving pungency in higher concentrations, and capsanthin and capsorubin, the main colouring compounds (among other carotenoids). For more detailed specifications please refer to COA.

    Capsaicin is the main capsaicinoid in chili peppers and is the cause of its pungent effect. Other capsaicinoids like dihydrocapsaicin, nordihydrocapsaicin, homodihydrocapsaicin, and homocapsaicin may also be present in the oleoresin. These capsaicinoids are known for their pungency effects and produce different levels of pungency when applied.

    Capsanthin and capsorubin are color creating compounds. Capsanthin is the main and commercially available compound for coloring application. Chilli oleoresin is used to color cheese, orange juice, spice mixtures, sauces, sweets and emulsified processed meats. In poultry feed it is used to deepen the colour of egg yolks.

    Botanical Sources:

    Red Chilli(Capsicum frutescens) or the fruits of Capsicum annum Linn.


    • 1. Flavouring Agent: Due to its pungent effect it is used to provide flavour in food products.
    • 2. Coloring Agent: Coloring of food, eatables and medicines is commonm application where chilli oleoresin gives a range of red color.
    • 3. Safety Gear: It is used in making safety gear for girls and can make a person blind for few minutes.
    • 4. Preservative: Capsaicinoids help to preserve the meet and other food items against microbial activity.


    • 1. Dence Color: Its red color the most used natural red color int the world.
    • 2. Pharmacological: Chilli oleoresin possesses anti-oxidant, analgesia, anticancer & anti-inflammation features.It radically reduce free radicals in our body.


    • 1. Pharmaceuticals: Chilli oleoresin compounds are used extensively in pharmaceuticals industry. Capsaicinoids are quite effective as analgesia, anticancer, anti-inflammation, antioxidant and anti-obesity. Capsaicinoids may have potential application in pain relief, cancer prevention and weight loss. In addition, capsaicinoids also display the benefits on cardiovascular and gastrointestinal system.
    • 2. Food : Chilli extract has been used for coloring various types of food.